Complete Strength
Prevent Harm & Prepare for Life

Complete Strength is an innovative approach to preventing sexual misconduct, abusive relationships, and stalking by taking an approach that also equips athletes for healthy relationships, social ethics, and bystander strengths.

Meet and exceed NCAA requirements while developing your student-athletes and staff.

from Aaron Boe of Prevention Culture

Our Focus

Winning on the Most Serious Issues

Preventing the many behaviors that fall under sexual misconduct, abusive relationships, and stalking is no small challenge. The level of harm caused by these behaviors, however, calls for us to do what it takes to win in this area.

Commitment is Stronger than Compliance

Compliance to the law is a minimum standard. Competing to have better programs than others can be motivating. Commitment, however, achieves much more. A commitment to doing what it takes to prevent serious harm and prepare young people for positive personal lives is what will achieve true success.

Preparing for Life while Preventing Harm Works Best

We have learned that preventing harm can be even more effective when we are also preparing young people for life in college and beyond. Just as athletes require equipment and specialized training for practice and competition, it takes certain tools and systems to prevent serious harm and prepare young people for life.

Our Approach

“Aaron does a wonderful job of bringing important issues to groups in an incredibly constructive way. Every person who hears Aaron goes through life a better person with a better understanding of how to communicate with others as well as the impact all of our actions have on those around us.” Coach Matt Greason – Men’s Hockey, Trinity College

We help you address serious issues in a developmental way. Just as athletes require excellent, up-to-date equipment for practice and competition, it takes certain tools and educational systems to prevent misconduct and prepare young people for positive personal lives.


We provide materials that can be utilized from recruiting to alumni engagement, with the primary focus being on the first two years. We also provide you with consultation and guidance to optimize or evolve your current systems, and utilize your older student-athletes to properly influence incoming and younger student-athletes.

At-a-Glance Summary

Training and Education

We customize education and training for each program so we can build on your existing strengths and take your staff, coaches, and student-athletes to the next level. Our train-the-trainer programs allow you to make a dramatic leap in your approach to preventing sexual misconduct, abuse in relationships, and preparing students for positive personal lives in college and beyond.


All athletics departments are already doing positive things. But just as every team works to improve each season, proactive efforts to prevent harm and develop young people for life can be significantly improved as well. We can analyze your existing prevention efforts, provide in-depth reports and specific recommendations for improving (or setting up) your systems, and show how robust, proactive efforts can fit naturally within your existing structures.

Tailored for Your Situation & Goals

We can provide the expert education and training to your student-athletes and staff for you, build your capacity to provide our expert curriculum on your own, or a combination approach that utilizes our team in combination with your team.

Options range from a one-time speaking or training program to a comprehensive approach that will elevate your systems to significantly (or dramatically) improve how you address prevention of harm and preparation for life.

The science behind our approach


“Player development is key for our success after our time on campus. Aaron Boe and his team have developed an approach that maximizes the impact in the limited time available to reach student-athletes. As a former athlete, I’ve seen first-hand the negative effects when athletes are not developed personally. Prevention Culture’s approach has been statistically proven to affect positive change in mindset and behavior.” Alex Taylor, Basketball - Huntingdon College

97.7% positive response from 4,162 students

Sexual assault and abusive relationships are topics that are notoriously difficult to develop programming on. Programs for male students commonly result in mixed reviews or a significant percentage of negative responses, even from a small sample such as a couple hundred students.

Almost 98% of the over 4,100 male students who experienced our Bystander Strengths Workshop checked “Agree” to, “As a result of this workshop, I now know multiple tools I could apply to intervene in emergency and non-emergency situations.”

Proven to Shift Attitudes

Attitude shifts were seen across a broad spectrum of sub-topics and issues measured, resulting in a meaningful impact in the 4,162 young men experiencing the workshop. Study done by Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.

“Aaron has been able to connect with our students on difficult topics like responsible/healthy dating and bystander intervention in a way that I’ve never seen a speaker do before.” Erin Twomey, Associate Director, Student Center & Campus Life, Quinnipiac University

Our Team

Whether your department is at the forefront of player development and prevention work, or you are just getting started, our team will customize a solution for your situation.

Aaron Boe, M.S.Ed.

Aaron Boe is the developer of award-winning prevention programs and the founder of Prevention Culture. He is the curriculum developer, consultant, and trainer for over a dozen national organizations. Aaron served on the Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence in Higher Education for the American College Personnel Association, Co-authoring the guidance on Prevention Education.

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Aaron Shelby, M.S.

A native of Indianapolis, Indiana, Aaron Shelby was recruited to the University of Illinois where he played as a linebacker for the Fighting Illini football team. Aaron was also a member of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, and a member of the first Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). He is a graduate of the University of Illinois and earned a master’s degree in School Counseling from Butler University.

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Dr. Brian Mistler

Dr. Brian Mistler is a licensed clinical psychologist, a student health center director, and former Title IX compliance officer. He is a researcher on researcher on Athletic Disengagement, and co-author of a scholarly article on assisting college student-athletes with athletic disengagement, including factors such as burn-out, transferring schools, injury, graduation and transition periods, among other challenges.

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Stefano Fasulo, M.Ed.

Stefano Fasulo is a former NCAA Division I athlete and coach who has been impacting young people for a decade. As a Complete Strength™ trainer, Stefano leads discussions that spark critical thinking and build internal motivation. We recruited Stefano to work on our team because he is a passionate educator who believes in not just prevention, but in player development that prepares young people for great lives.

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“Aaron was incredibly helpful in engaging campus leaders in student affairs and athletics, re-envisioning our conversations with students around challenging topics like sexual misconduct to create intentional, sustainable change.” Sandi Scott, Dean of Students, University of Wisconsin - Stout

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